We hope that you will find everything you are looking for and that you will come along and try one of our Sundays!

We believe that church should be an inclusive environment where those of all ages, abilities, colour and backgrounds can come and experience the love of Jesus.

Please feel free to browse our site and see what is on offer. Hopefully something will strike a chord with you and you will be able to join us for one of our events, activities or services.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of people drawn together because we want to find out more about Jesus and the life he wants us to live. We come from different backgrounds and nationalities and are of different ages and abilities and yet at Mount Merrion Church we find a home were we can belong and do life together.

What do we believe?

We believe in God, who loves us unconditionally, in Jesus, who made it possible to have a restored relationship with God, and in the Holy Spirit, who enables us to live life to the full today.

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A Church of Ireland church in the heart of East Belfast's Cregagh Estate